The Arnold Europe StreetLifting Event is a 1RM competition with 2 competition modes:

All4 (with the 4 lifts: MuscleUp, Dip, PullUp and Squat)

Classic (Dip + PullUp)

If you are looking to pre-register to our next Arnold Classic Europe Event in Sevilla, please fill in the next form with all your data. We will collecting applications until 15 th October. We will then inform publicly and directly on your email if you have been selected.

The event will take place this year in Sevilla, at the Fibes Auditorium, located on Avenida Alcalde Luis Uruñuela, 1. Sevilla.

Please submit your information through this link

Read the Technical Rules for the competition

Applications will close on the 15th October.

You can find all the info to the event here

You may take a look at last years results here:

Video Submission Instructions

Record your bodyweight on a scale. Then your weight with the added load. Perform the lift as stated on the competition rulebook

You can send links from youtube (in hidden mode if you do not want them publicly) or from any other social media. We will not download videos from we transfer or any other platform alike.

Videos will be reviewed from the 15th Sept to the 15th October.

Re-enter the link above to submit the link if you preregistered earlier without videos.


Any updates will be published through our english IG account

If you have questions email us info [@]