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Spanish Association Afiliated to WIA

WIA (Weighted International Alliance) is the world organization that congregates international organizers, federations and associations who perfromo the Street Lifting or Weighted Calisthenics modality. Our competitions take part of the International WIA League.

Associates from 2021 get free extended quata for 2021

NOt being able to celebrate any competition for the Spanish Street Lifting Associaton during 2020 pandemic months has been a total disaster for our country. We extend the validity of association quotas all thoughout 2021.

Street Lifting Spain

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Event Calendar

Please note all events have been postponed to the second semester of 2021.


Covid Mask

Reusable ant covid mask. made in Spain with certified materials.


Polyester t-shirt for Street Lifting

2021 New Members Quota

This year, since we will only be competing for the last 6 months of the year, we will reduce the afiliation fee to half. Available Until June 2021


We have been organizing sport event since 2014. The Asociación de Street Lifting Nacional, from Spain, takes pride in being proactive, making sure rules, referees, and competitors are taken seriously and to the highest standards. be part of our association, join the community to take part in decissions, vote 0r present your candidacy for the 2021 elections and make your voice count. Receive discounts to our events and be part of the travelling community to other international competitions. Join us now.


Next Competitions

Next competitions will take place on second semester of 2021.

National Spanish competition, open to international individuals who do not have competitions in their territories, will take place in October 2021. Prodly organized by the Madrid Grizzlies Street Lifting Club and The Spanish National Street Lifting Association. WIA Sanctioned


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